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    Studying abroad is one of the best way to earn and experience the best quality education. It helps you to gain knowledge about new cultures, languages and lifestyle.

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    Why Study in United Kingdom?

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    The UK is one of the world’s most popular destinations to study for higher education, with more than 500,000 international students enrolling each year. 

    One of the world’s leading destinations for international students, second only to the USA. UK universities are among the best in the world, and consistently perform well in world rankings. They also have a reputation for world-class research.

    UK higher education degrees and qualifications are recognised by employers and academics worldwide.

    Students get the opportunity to develop the skills, knowledge, critical thinking, and connections to drive forward their careers. High quality postgraduate study opportunities are also available at the majority of UK universities, with some universities offering sponsorship to extend Tier 4 visas.  To know more, visit www.ucas.com

    If you have any query about studying in UK, courses, universities, scholarships or student visa, feel free to call or whatsapp at +91-7888445359 or write to us Janardhan.meetei@tjm-global.com

    Why Study in Germany ?

    Germany produce some of the finest engineers who design and manufacture top automobile. Their engineering colleges imparts excellent education to engineers. If you have any query about studying in UK, courses, universities, scholarships or student visa, feel free to call or whatsapp at +91-7888445359 or write to us at Janardhan.meetei@tjm-global.com

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    Why Study in Canada ?

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    Canada is one of the best places to pursue your higher studies and the country attracts thousands of International students. Canada is a bilingual country, which makes studying here an excellent opportunity to develop your language skills .The country provides world class degrees which are recognized globally. Industry like  telecommunications, digital media, video game, biotech and aeronautical engineering industries are particularly strong in Canada making top destinations for studying engineering, Media and creative related courses. Students are permitted to take up part time jobs both on campus and off campus upto 20 hours / week. Universities in Canada also support students with scholarships to support research projects, allowances and tuition fees. 

    Why Study in Russia?

    Russia has consistently been known for one of the most preferred destination for Medical courses and Life Sciences.  Russian Medical Universities have continuously reserved a spot among Top Medical Universities globally. The country has one of the lowest fees for medicine as compared to other European  countries and private universities in India. All universities recognized by MCI requires students to clear NEET before going abroad to study medical.

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    Why Study in Ukraine?

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    Ukraine is one of the most popular study destinations giving their students quality European education and a possibility of building a successful career in their own country or abroad. Ukrainian system of higher education is a combination of traditional and modern teaching methods, accepted and recognized globally. Ukrainian have made higher education available and more affordable for a greater number of international students with low cost of living.

    Why Study in Australia?

    Australia is becoming a preferred destination for higher education among Indian students attracting the third largest number of international students in the English-speaking world after the US and the UK. More than 10 Universities in Australia are among Global 100 universities. Australia also offers excellent value for money and a standard of living that is among the highest in the world. Living expenses and tuition costs in Australia are relatively less expensive than the UK and USA. The other advantages for this country in the Asia Pacific Rim include paid internships while studying upto 20hrs/week.
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    Other Countries

    Other countries which are great includes Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Nepal, Bangladesh and China. 

    If you have any query about studying abroad in any of the above countries, courses, universities, scholarships or student visa, feel free to call or whatsapp at +91-7888445359 or write to us Janardhan.meetei@tjm-global.com

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