Acquire 21st Century Skills & Get Ready for Employment

Tinker Studio is a Maker space designed for K-12 based on STEAM educational curriculum and Arts, Crafts design. Give your child the necessary exposure to be successful in the workplace.


Coding and Robotics

Learn how to code and develop apps . Designed carefully as per age and education level. Suitable for Class VI and Above.

3D Printing and Designing

Learn visual arts through CAD modeling and 3D printing . Suitable for Class VI and Above

Art and Craft

Learn and enhance creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills through Arts and Crafts.

Gardening and Nature

Connect and understand the principle of Nature. Our curriculum will help you the nuances of Gardening, plants, food and Nutrition.

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21st Century Skills, Entrepreneurship, Digital Literacy, Arts and Crafts, Communication Skills, Environmental Awareness.

We Transform Your Vision into Reality

STEAM educates students in the fields of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics with an interdisciplinary approach, leading students to adapt to constantly changing professional knowledge and rapidly changing social life. STEAM education philosophy can be summarized as: based on mathematics, engineering and art interpret science and technology. STEAM Education supports students to understand the world in a multi-disciplined way, transforming the world in the form of comprehensive innovation, and cultivating their ability to solve problems. STEAM education is mainly based on project-based learning, problem-based learning as the main teaching (learning) approach to guide students through cooperation and practice, to complete the theme of the project and solve problems encountered in life.